Hello this is the collective and on-going work of Mandi Geiselman,  a User Experience Designer in Toronto, Ontario with a specialization in strategic problem solving. I work to solve complex problems using my skills as a pattern spotter, map maker, and simplifier. My goal is to create the best solution to problems based on context, constraints, and research. My dream is to create immersive experiences based on compelling narratives.
North Carolina State University | College of Design
Raleigh, NC; December 2012
Bachelor of Graphic Design
Magna Cum Laude

Design: User experience design, product design, web design, mobile design, wire framing, interactive prototyping, testing, design system
Research: User journey mapping, site mapping, task flows, comparative analysis, heuristic analysis, moderated user testing, user interviews

Figma, Sketch App, InVision, Adobe Creative Suite, Miro

Avalara | Toronto, ON 
Financial technology company specializing in comprehensive tax compliance software-as-a-service
Senior User Experience Designer
April 2022 – Present 
I am a member of a core team of designers, researchers, engineers, and product managers that are working to create a unified product experience across a diverse industry portfolio. This requires that I work across product teams to align UX efforts to ensure consistent design, workflows, and information architecture. In this role, I develop comprehensive deliverables that clearly communicate product requirements, goals, and design - including user flows, interactive prototypes and engineering specifications.

User Experience Designer II
December 2019 – March 2022
I was the sole designer working on improving and consolidating the user experience for Avalara’s telecommunications tax compliance product. This project required converting a desktop application to a SaaS product without losing feature parity. I regularly interviewed and conducted design deliverable reviews with subject matter experts, the engineering team, and product managers to ensure use case support and development feasibility. I helped design and moderate a beta testing program with existing users so that pain points and positive feedback were captured for future improvements.

Lenovo, eSupport – Data Center Group | Raleigh, NC 
Public and enterprise level solutions to empower users to build, support, and maintain their data centers
User Experience Designer (Contracted through CTG)
August 2018 – November 2019
At Lenovo I worked with the Data Center Group eSupport team to improve both the publicly-accessible product support page template and enterprise-level product and subscription management service. I created interactive prototypes and worked alongside a User Researcher to regularly conduct both moderated and unmoderated usability testing that informed our design decisions.

Ink+Colour | Raleigh, NC
Independent contracting helping corporations, small businesses and individuals actualize their design needs
Founder | Graphic and Web Designer, Illustrator
April 2016 – July 2018
While working as a freelance designer I created general design deliverables that spanned both digital and print applications. I also designed, produced, and sold small lines of greeting cards, enamel pins, and pin-back buttons. I was contracted by a smaller design studio to work on marketing and promotional materials, annual reports, and data visualizations for local companies and non-profit organizations. I collaborated with that studio to create web and mobile designs for a state-sponsored agritourism mobile application.

TheeDesign | Raleigh, NC 
Web design agency specializing in search engine optimization
Web Designer and UX Specialist
June 2016 – November 2017 
At TheeDigital I created custom website templates and architecture alongside keyword-rich content creators to serve the needs of local small to medium sized businesses.

Centerline Digital | Raleigh, NC
Content marketing agency specializing in interactive and video marketing solutions
Interactive Designer
December 2014 – April 2016 

At Centerline I worked alongside other interactive designers, strategists, developers, and motion graphic designers to create multi-media marketing and web solutions for enterprise-level customers. I worked on a wide range of projects spanning website template design and web-based interactive videos to brand expressions, promotional assets, and large-scale presentations.
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