Game Overview
This is a board game design based off of a college level Psychology class. This game uses cards to advance the spaces. The rooms are assigned their own cards in which the player assumes a role that either addresses personality types, developmental psychology, or mental illness.
Point of the Game
The point of this game is to create an experience of playing a game while still functioning as a learning tool. The player assumes the role of a mental hospital doctor and the point of the game is to complete your “rounds” first. Finishing a round constitutes as successfully passing through each room. Each player starts at the office and that is where the player must finish.

Point of the Game
The visual design of the game was based upon floorplans of old mental institutions. I wanted the game to feel just as much an experience with the objects as it is educational. This was achieved through hand drafting a floor plan based upon an old floor plan, utilizing older imagery, and hand crafting the container.


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